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package sphinx

import ""

Package sphinx implements the Katzenpost parameterized Sphinx Packet Format.


Package Files

sphinx.go surb.go


const (

    // HeaderLength is the length of a Sphinx packet header in bytes.
    HeaderLength = adLength + crypto.GroupElementLength + routingInfoLength + crypto.MACLength // 460 bytes.

    // PayloadTagLength is the length of the Sphinx packet payload SPRP tag.
    PayloadTagLength = 16
const (
    // SURBLength is the length of a Sphinx SURB in bytes.
    SURBLength = HeaderLength + constants.NodeIDLength + sprpKeyMaterialLength // 556 bytes.


func DecryptSURBPayload Uses

func DecryptSURBPayload(payload, keys []byte) ([]byte, error)

DecryptSURBPayload decrypts the provided Sphinx payload generated via a SURB with the provided keys, and returns the plaintext. The keys are obliterated at the end of this call.

func NewPacket Uses

func NewPacket(r io.Reader, path []*PathHop, payload []byte) ([]byte, error)

NewPacket creates a forward Sphinx packet with the provided path and payload, using the provided entropy source.

func NewPacketFromSURB Uses

func NewPacketFromSURB(surb, payload []byte) ([]byte, *[constants.NodeIDLength]byte, error)

NewPacketFromSURB creates a new reply Sphinx packet with the provided SURB and payload, and returns the packet and ID of the first hop.

func NewSURB Uses

func NewSURB(r io.Reader, path []*PathHop) ([]byte, []byte, error)

NewSURB creates a new SURB with the provided path using the provided entropy source, and returns the SURB and decrypion keys.

func Unwrap Uses

func Unwrap(privKey *ecdh.PrivateKey, pkt []byte) ([]byte, []byte, []commands.RoutingCommand, error)

Unwrap unwraps the provided Sphinx packet pkt in-place, using the provided ECDH private key, and returns the payload (if applicable), replay tag, and routing info command vector.

type PathHop Uses

type PathHop struct {
    ID        [constants.NodeIDLength]byte
    PublicKey *ecdh.PublicKey
    Commands  []commands.RoutingCommand

PathHop describes a hop that a Sphinx Packet will traverse, along with all of the per-hop Commands (excluding NextNodeHop).


commandsPackage commands implements the Sphinx Packet Format per-hop routing info commands.
constantsPackage constants contains the Sphinx Packet Format constants for the Katzenpost parameterization.
internal/cryptoPackage crypto provides the Katzenpost parameterization of the Sphinx Packet Format cryptographic operations.
pathPackage path provides routines for path selection.

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