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package kimchi

import ""


Package Files


type Kimchi Uses

type Kimchi struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewKimchi Uses

func NewKimchi(basePort int, baseDir string, parameters *Parameters, voting bool, nVoting, nProvider, nMix int) *Kimchi

NewKimchi returns an initialized kimchi

func (*Kimchi) GetCatshadowConfig Uses

func (k *Kimchi) GetCatshadowConfig() (*csConfig.Config, error)

GetCatshadowConfig returns a catshadow client configuration

func (*Kimchi) GetClientConfig Uses

func (k *Kimchi) GetClientConfig() (*cConfig.Config, string, *ecdh.PrivateKey, error)

GetClientConfig returns a client.Config and configures the client Account

func (*Kimchi) GetClientNetconfig Uses

func (k *Kimchi) GetClientNetconfig() (*cConfig.Config, error)

GetClientNetconfig returns a client.Config populated with PKI information

func (*Kimchi) KillAMix Uses

func (k *Kimchi) KillAMix() bool

Shutdown a mix

func (*Kimchi) KillAnAuth Uses

func (k *Kimchi) KillAnAuth() bool

Shutdown an authority

func (*Kimchi) LogTailer Uses

func (k *Kimchi) LogTailer(prefix, path string)

func (*Kimchi) PKIClient Uses

func (k *Kimchi) PKIClient() (pki.Client, error)

func (*Kimchi) Run Uses

func (k *Kimchi) Run()

func (*Kimchi) RunWithDelayedAuthority Uses

func (k *Kimchi) RunWithDelayedAuthority(delay time.Duration)

func (*Kimchi) Shutdown Uses

func (k *Kimchi) Shutdown()

type Parameters Uses

type Parameters struct {



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