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package pop3

import ""

Package pop3 implements a minimal POP3 server, mostly intended to be ran over the loopback interface.


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var (

    // ErrInUse is the error returned by a Backend if a user's maildrop is
    // already in use by another session.
    ErrInUse = errors.New("[IN-USE] Do you have another POP session running?")

    // ErrBackendFail is the error returned by a Backend if a user's maildrop
    // can't be acquired due to an internal error.
    ErrBackendFail = errors.New("[BACKEND-FAIL] Internal error in backend")

type Backend Uses

type Backend interface {
    // NewSession authenticates the user specified by the given username and
    // password, and iff the the credentials are valid, locks the user's
    // maildrop and returns a BackendSession instance.
    NewSession(user, pass []byte) (BackendSession, error)

Backend is the common interface exposed by a storage backend.

type BackendSession Uses

type BackendSession interface {
    // Messages returns all of the messages in a user's maildrop.
    Messages() ([][]byte, error)

    // DeleteMessages deletes all of the specified messages, addressed by
    // index into the slice returned by Messages().
    DeleteMessages([]int) error

    // Close unlocks the user's maildrop and tears down the BackendSession.

BackendSession is a view into a given user's (locked) maildrop.

type Session Uses

type Session struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Session is a POP3 server session.

func NewSession Uses

func NewSession(conn net.Conn, backend Backend) *Session

NewSession creates a new Session, bound to the provided net.Conn, to be serviced via the provided Backend.

func (*Session) Serve Uses

func (s *Session) Serve()

Serve provides POP3 to a Session, via the Backend specified at Session initialization time. The connection will be closed, and the POP3 mailbox unlocked (if required) prior to this routine returning.

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