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package sqldb

import ""

Package sqldb interfaces the Katzenpost server with a SQL database.


Package Files

pgx.go sqldb.go

type SQLDB Uses

type SQLDB struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SQLDB is a SQL database instance.

func New Uses

func New(glue glue.Glue) (*SQLDB, error)

New constructs a new SQLDB instance.

func (*SQLDB) Close Uses

func (d *SQLDB) Close()

Close closes the SQL database connection(s).

func (*SQLDB) IsSpoolOnly Uses

func (d *SQLDB) IsSpoolOnly() bool

IsSpoolOnly returns true iff the database is configured to only support acting as a user message spool.

func (*SQLDB) Spool Uses

func (d *SQLDB) Spool() spool.Spool

Spool returns a spool.Spool instance backed by the SQL database.

func (*SQLDB) UserDB Uses

func (d *SQLDB) UserDB() (userdb.UserDB, error)

UserDB returns a userdb.UserDB instance backed by the SQL database.

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