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package kmath

import ""


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misc.go normal.go primes.go stat.go

func Cover Uses

func Cover(v []float64, lev float64) (float64, float64)


func Factorial Uses

func Factorial(n int64) int64

func FactorialBig Uses

func FactorialBig(n int64) *big.Int

func Gini Uses

func Gini(in []float64) float64

Gini returns the Gini coefficient. It is a measure of inequality in a frequency distribution. 0 indicates perfect equality, 1 maximum inequality.


func IsPrime Uses

func IsPrime(n uint64) bool

func Normal Uses

func Normal(x float64) float64

Normal returns the y value at the given x of the standard unit normal distribution (mean = 0 and standard deviation = 1).

func NormalArea Uses

func NormalArea(x float64) float64

func NormalArea_ Uses

func NormalArea_(x float64) float64

NormalArea calculates the area below the normal curve.

den = 2^n*n!*(2*n+1)

x - x(3,5,7...) / den

func Pearson Uses

func Pearson(a, b []float64) (float64, error)

Pearson returns the Pearson correlation coeficient of two arrays

func Sqrt Uses

func Sqrt(n uint64) uint64

Not accurate and not faster than Go's own math.Sqrt

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