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package cityhash102

import ""

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NOTE: The code is modified to be compatible with CityHash128 used in ClickHouse


Package Files

city64.go cityhash.go doc.go

func CityHash64 Uses

func CityHash64(s []byte, length uint32) uint64

func CityHash64WithSeed Uses

func CityHash64WithSeed(s []byte, length uint32, seed uint64) uint64

func CityHash64WithSeeds Uses

func CityHash64WithSeeds(s []byte, length uint32, seed0, seed1 uint64) uint64

func New64 Uses

func New64() hash.Hash64

type City64 Uses

type City64 struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*City64) BlockSize Uses

func (this *City64) BlockSize() int

func (*City64) Reset Uses

func (this *City64) Reset()

func (*City64) Size Uses

func (this *City64) Size() int

func (*City64) Sum Uses

func (this *City64) Sum(b []byte) []byte

func (*City64) Sum64 Uses

func (this *City64) Sum64() uint64

func (*City64) Write Uses

func (this *City64) Write(s []byte) (n int, err error)

type Uint128 Uses

type Uint128 [2]uint64

func CityHash128 Uses

func CityHash128(s []byte, length uint32) (result Uint128)

func CityHash128WithSeed Uses

func CityHash128WithSeed(s []byte, length uint32, seed Uint128) Uint128

func (Uint128) Bytes Uses

func (this Uint128) Bytes() []byte

func (Uint128) Higher64 Uses

func (this Uint128) Higher64() uint64

func (Uint128) Lower64 Uses

func (this Uint128) Lower64() uint64

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