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package data

import ""


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block.go block_write_column.go client_info.go server_info.go value.go


const (
    ClickHouseRevision         = 54213
    ClickHouseDBMSVersionMajor = 1
    ClickHouseDBMSVersionMinor = 1
const ClientName = "Golang SQLDriver"

type Block Uses

type Block struct {
    Values     [][]interface{}
    Columns    []column.Column
    NumRows    uint64
    NumColumns uint64
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Block) AppendRow Uses

func (block *Block) AppendRow(args []driver.Value) error

func (*Block) ColumnNames Uses

func (block *Block) ColumnNames() []string

func (*Block) Copy Uses

func (block *Block) Copy() *Block

func (*Block) Read Uses

func (block *Block) Read(serverInfo *ServerInfo, decoder *binary.Decoder) (err error)

func (*Block) Reserve Uses

func (block *Block) Reserve()

func (*Block) Reset Uses

func (block *Block) Reset()

func (*Block) Write Uses

func (block *Block) Write(serverInfo *ServerInfo, encoder *binary.Encoder) error

func (*Block) WriteArray Uses

func (block *Block) WriteArray(c int, v interface{}) error

func (*Block) WriteArrayWithValue Uses

func (block *Block) WriteArrayWithValue(c int, value Value) error

func (*Block) WriteBool Uses

func (block *Block) WriteBool(c int, v bool) error

func (*Block) WriteBytes Uses

func (block *Block) WriteBytes(c int, v []byte) error

func (*Block) WriteDate Uses

func (block *Block) WriteDate(c int, v time.Time) error

func (*Block) WriteDateTime Uses

func (block *Block) WriteDateTime(c int, v time.Time) error

func (*Block) WriteFixedString Uses

func (block *Block) WriteFixedString(c int, v []byte) error

func (*Block) WriteFloat32 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteFloat32(c int, v float32) error

func (*Block) WriteFloat64 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteFloat64(c int, v float64) error

func (*Block) WriteIP Uses

func (block *Block) WriteIP(c int, v net.IP) error

func (*Block) WriteInt16 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteInt16(c int, v int16) error

func (*Block) WriteInt32 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteInt32(c int, v int32) error

func (*Block) WriteInt64 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteInt64(c int, v int64) error

func (*Block) WriteInt8 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteInt8(c int, v int8) error

func (*Block) WriteString Uses

func (block *Block) WriteString(c int, v string) error

func (*Block) WriteUInt16 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteUInt16(c int, v uint16) error

func (*Block) WriteUInt32 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteUInt32(c int, v uint32) error

func (*Block) WriteUInt64 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteUInt64(c int, v uint64) error

func (*Block) WriteUInt8 Uses

func (block *Block) WriteUInt8(c int, v uint8) error

type ClientInfo Uses

type ClientInfo struct{}

func (ClientInfo) String Uses

func (ClientInfo) String() string

func (ClientInfo) Write Uses

func (ClientInfo) Write(encoder *binary.Encoder) error

type ServerInfo Uses

type ServerInfo struct {
    Name         string
    Revision     uint64
    MinorVersion uint64
    MajorVersion uint64
    Timezone     *time.Location

func (*ServerInfo) Read Uses

func (srv *ServerInfo) Read(decoder *binary.Decoder) (err error)

func (ServerInfo) String Uses

func (srv ServerInfo) String() string

type Value Uses

type Value interface {
    // Kind returns value's Kind.
    Kind() reflect.Kind

    // Len returns value's length.
    // It panics if value's Kind is not Array, Chan, Map, Slice, or String.
    Len() int

    // Index returns value's i'th element.
    // It panics if value's Kind is not Array, Slice, or String or i is out of range.
    Index(i int) Value

    // Interface returns value's current value as an interface{}.
    Interface() interface{}

Value is a writable value.

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