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package semver

import "github.com/ktr0731/go-semver"


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const (
    VersionTypeMajor = iota

type Version Uses

type Version struct {
    Major, Minor, Patch int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func MustParse Uses

func MustParse(in string) *Version

func Parse Uses

func Parse(in string) *Version

Parse parses passed string as a semantic version if parsing will be failed, its error is stored to *Version.Error()

func (*Version) Bump Uses

func (v *Version) Bump(typ VersionType)

func (*Version) Compare Uses

func (v *Version) Compare(v2 *Version) int

func (*Version) Equal Uses

func (v *Version) Equal(v2 *Version) bool

func (*Version) Error Uses

func (v *Version) Error() error

func (*Version) GreaterThan Uses

func (v *Version) GreaterThan(v2 *Version) bool

func (*Version) LessThan Uses

func (v *Version) LessThan(v2 *Version) bool

func (*Version) String Uses

func (v *Version) String() string

type VersionType Uses

type VersionType int

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