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package feature

import ""


Package Files

feature.go gates.go


const (

    // EKS is used to enable EKS support
    // owner: @richardcase
    // alpha: v0.4
    EKS featuregate.Feature = "EKS"

    // EKSEnableIAM will enable the IAM resource creation/modification
    // owner: @richardcase
    // alpha: v0.4
    EKSEnableIAM featuregate.Feature = "EKSEnableIAM"

    // EKSAllowAddRoles is used to enable the usage of additional IAM roles
    // owner: @richardcase
    // alpha: v0.4
    EKSAllowAddRoles featuregate.Feature = "EKSAllowAddRoles"

    // MachinePool is used to enable ASG support
    // owner: @mytunguyen
    // alpha: v0.1
    MachinePool featuregate.Feature = "MachinePool"


var (
    // MutableGates is a mutable version of DefaultFeatureGate.
    // Only top-level commands/options setup and the package should make use of this.
    // Tests that need to modify featuregate gates for the duration of their test should use:
    //   defer featuregatetesting.SetFeatureGateDuringTest(t, utilfeature.DefaultFeatureGate, features.<FeatureName>, <value>)()
    MutableGates featuregate.MutableFeatureGate = feature.MutableGates

    // Gates is a shared global FeatureGate.
    // Top-level commands/options setup that needs to modify this featuregate gate should use DefaultMutableFeatureGate.
    Gates featuregate.FeatureGate = MutableGates

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