pkg/crdPackage crd contains utilities for generating CustomResourceDefinitions and their corresponding OpenAPI validation schemata.
pkg/crd/markersPackage markers defines markers for generating schema valiation and CRD structure.
pkg/deepcopyPackage deepcopy generates DeepCopy, DeepCopyInto, and DeepCopyObject implementations for types.
pkg/genallPackage genall defines entrypoints for generation tools to hook into and share the same set of parsing, typechecking, and marker information.
pkg/genall/helpPackage help contains utilities for actually writing out marker help.
pkg/genall/help/prettyPackage pretty contains utilities for formatting terminal help output, and a use of those to display marker help.
pkg/loaderPackage loader defines helpers for loading packages from sources.
pkg/loader/testutilsPackage testutils defines utilities for using loader.Packages in tests.
pkg/markersPackage markers contains utilities for defining and parsing "marker comments", also occasionally called tag comments (we use the term marker to avoid confusing with struct tags).
pkg/rbacPackage rbac contain libraries for generating RBAC manifests from RBAC markers in Go source files.
pkg/webhookPackage webhook contains libraries for generating webhookconfig manifests from markers in Go source files.

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