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package emoji

import "github.com/kyokomi/emoji"

Package emoji terminal output.


Package Files

emoji.go emoji_codemap.go


var (
    ReplacePadding = " "

Replace Padding character for emoji.

func AliasList Uses

func AliasList(shortCode string) []string

func CodeMap Uses

func CodeMap() map[string]string

CodeMap gets the underlying map of emoji.

func Errorf Uses

func Errorf(format string, a ...interface{}) error

Errorf is fmt.Errorf which supports emoji

func Fprint Uses

func Fprint(w io.Writer, a ...interface{}) (int, error)

Fprint is fmt.Fprint which supports emoji

func Fprintf Uses

func Fprintf(w io.Writer, format string, a ...interface{}) (int, error)

Fprintf is fmt.Fprintf which supports emoji

func Fprintln Uses

func Fprintln(w io.Writer, a ...interface{}) (int, error)

Fprintln is fmt.Fprintln which supports emoji

func HasAlias Uses

func HasAlias(shortCode string) bool

HasAlias flags if the given `shortCode` has multiple aliases with other codes.

func NormalizeShortCode Uses

func NormalizeShortCode(shortCode string) string

NormalizeShortCode normalizes a given `shortCode` to a deterministic alias.

func Print Uses

func Print(a ...interface{}) (int, error)

Print is fmt.Print which supports emoji

func Printf Uses

func Printf(format string, a ...interface{}) (int, error)

Printf is fmt.Printf which supports emoji

func Println Uses

func Println(a ...interface{}) (int, error)

Println is fmt.Println which supports emoji

func RevCodeMap Uses

func RevCodeMap() map[string][]string

RevCodeMap gets the underlying map of emoji.

func Sprint Uses

func Sprint(a ...interface{}) string

Sprint is fmt.Sprint which supports emoji

func Sprintf Uses

func Sprintf(format string, a ...interface{}) string

Sprintf is fmt.Sprintf which supports emoji



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