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package pr

import "github.com/lcaballero/go-gh/uses/pr"


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const WS = " \n\r\t"

type PrRequest Uses

type PrRequest struct {
    Pr     *conf.PR
    Base   *conf.Base
    Locals *conf.Locals
    Loader resources.Loader

PrRequest encapsulates the information to make an API request for making a pull-request.

func New Uses

func New(vals conf.ValueContext) *PrRequest

New loads required values from the context to produce the Request.

func (*PrRequest) ApplyBranch Uses

func (r *PrRequest) ApplyBranch() error

func (*PrRequest) ApplyConventions Uses

func (r *PrRequest) ApplyConventions() error


func (*PrRequest) ApplyLocals Uses

func (r *PrRequest) ApplyLocals() error

func (*PrRequest) CreatePR Uses

func (r *PrRequest) CreatePR() (interface{}, error)

CreatePR issues the post for the command and parameters.

func (*PrRequest) Gist Uses

func (r *PrRequest) Gist() string

func (*PrRequest) IsValid Uses

func (r *PrRequest) IsValid() bool

IsValid makes sure the correct parameters are non-empty.

func (*PrRequest) Prefix Uses

func (r *PrRequest) Prefix() string

func (*PrRequest) RunInteractive Uses

func (p *PrRequest) RunInteractive(cf *conf.Base) error

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