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package getmoe

import ""

Package getmoe provides a REST client for image boards, such as Moebooru, Gelbooru and Danbooru. The goal of the project is to provide APIs for the most well-known image boards (boorus).



Package Files

board.go configuration.go doc.go post.go provider.go rating.go tags.go urlstring.go


var (
    ErrURLNotSpecified      = errors.New("board: URL not specified")
    ErrProviderNotSpecified = errors.New("board: provider not specified")
    ErrProviderNotFound     = "board: provider %s not found"

Board related errors

type AuthConfiguration Uses

type AuthConfiguration struct {
    Login          string `yaml:"login"`
    Password       string `yaml:"password"`
    HashedPassword string `yaml:"hashed_password"`
    APIKey         string `yaml:"api_key"`

AuthConfiguration provides configuration for authenticating

type Board Uses

type Board struct {
    Provider Provider
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Board holds data for API access

func NewBoard Uses

func NewBoard(provider Provider) *Board

NewBoard creates a new board with provided configuration

func (*Board) Request Uses

func (b *Board) Request() ([]Post, error)

Request gets images by tags

func (*Board) RequestAll Uses

func (b *Board) RequestAll() ([]Post, error)

RequestAll checks all pages

type BoardConfiguration Uses

type BoardConfiguration struct {
    Provider ProviderConfiguration `yaml:",inline"`

BoardConfiguration holds board related configuration

type DownloadConfiguration Uses

type DownloadConfiguration struct {
    Request RequestConfiguration `yaml:",inline"`

DownloadConfiguration holds download related configuration

type GlobalConfiguration Uses

type GlobalConfiguration struct {
    Boards   map[string]BoardConfiguration `yaml:"boards"`
    Download DownloadConfiguration         `yaml:"download"`

GlobalConfiguration provides global configuration

func Load Uses

func Load(filename string) (*GlobalConfiguration, error)

Load loads global configuration

type Post Uses

type Post struct {
    ID        int       `json:"id"`
    FileURL   string    `json:"file_url"`
    FileSize  int       `json:"file_size"`
    Width     int       `json:"width"`
    Height    int       `json:"height"`
    CreatedAt time.Time `json:"created_at"`
    Tags      []string  `json:"tags"`
    Author    string    `json:"author"`
    Source    string    `json:"source"`
    Rating    string    `json:"rating"`
    Hash      string    `json:"hash"`
    Score     int       `json:"score"`

Post contains post data, represents intersection of *boorus post structs

func (*Post) HasTag Uses

func (p *Post) HasTag(tag string) bool

HasTag returns true if post has specified tag

func (*Post) Save Uses

func (p *Post) Save(saveDir string) error

Save post to dir

type Provider Uses

type Provider interface {
    PageRequest() (*http.Request, error)
    Parse([]byte) ([]Post, error)

Provider describes Board provider

type ProviderConfiguration Uses

type ProviderConfiguration struct {
    Name         string            `yaml:"provider"`
    URL          URLString         `yaml:"url"`
    Auth         AuthConfiguration `yaml:",inline"`
    PasswordSalt string            `yaml:"password_salt"`
    AppkeySalt   string            `yaml:"appkey_salt"`
    PostsLimit   int               `yaml:"posts_limit"`

ProviderConfiguration holds provider related configuration

type Rating Uses

type Rating string

Rating defines boorus rating system

const (
    RatingSafe         Rating = "s"
    RatingQuestionable Rating = "q"
    RatingExplicit     Rating = "e"

Boorus rating system has safe, questionable and explicit tags

type RequestConfiguration Uses

type RequestConfiguration struct {
    Tags Tags `yaml:"tags"`

RequestConfiguration holds request related configuration

type Tags Uses

type Tags []string

Tags provides fluent-style builder for boorus tags.


t := getmoe.NewTags("first_tag", "second_tag")
t.WithoutRating(getmoe.RatingQuestionable, getmoe.RatingExplicit)



first_tag second_tag and_this_tag -except_this_tag -rating:q -rating:e

func NewTags Uses

func NewTags(tags ...string) *Tags

NewTags allocates a new list. You may provide as many tags as you want.

t := getmoe.NewTags("tag1", "tag2")

func (*Tags) AfterDate Uses

func (t *Tags) AfterDate(date time.Time) *Tags

AfterDate appends date tag with after prefix.

func (*Tags) And Uses

func (t *Tags) And(tags ...string) *Tags

And appends tags to tag list.

t.And("tag3", "tag4")

func (*Tags) AtDate Uses

func (t *Tags) AtDate(date time.Time) *Tags

AtDate appends date tag.

func (*Tags) BeforeDate Uses

func (t *Tags) BeforeDate(date time.Time) *Tags

BeforeDate appends date tag with before prefix.

func (*Tags) No Uses

func (t *Tags) No(tags ...string) *Tags

No appends tags with 'no' prefix to tag list.

func (*Tags) Or Uses

func (t *Tags) Or(tags ...string) *Tags

Or appends tags with 'or' prefix to tag list. t.Or("tag5", "tag6")

func (Tags) String Uses

func (t Tags) String() string

func (*Tags) WithRating Uses

func (t *Tags) WithRating(r ...Rating) *Tags

WithRating appends rating tags.

func (*Tags) WithoutRating Uses

func (t *Tags) WithoutRating(r ...Rating) *Tags

WithoutRating appends rating tags with 'no' prefix.

type URLString Uses

type URLString struct {

URLString provides a helper to parse string as url.URL

func (*URLString) UnmarshalYAML Uses

func (f *URLString) UnmarshalYAML(unmashal func(interface{}) error) error

UnmarshalYAML implements unmarshaller interface for YAML


provider/danbooruPackage danbooru implements a simple library for accessing Danbooru-based image boards.
provider/gelbooruPackage gelbooru implements a simple library for accessing Gelbooru-based image boards.
provider/moebooruPackage moebooru implements a simple library for accessing Moebooru-based image boards.
provider/sankakuPackage sankaku implements a simple library for accessing Sankakucomplex-based image boards.

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