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package gosling

import "github.com/leonidboykov/gosling"

Package gosling builds html files with redirects commands for static sites


package main

import (


func main() {
	if err := gosling.BuildRedirect("https://example.com", os.Stdout); err != nil {


Package Files

doc.go redirects.go

func BuildRedirect Uses

func BuildRedirect(link string, wr io.Writer) error

BuildRedirect builds a redirect to a destination writer

func BuildRedirects Uses

func BuildRedirects(redir Redirects, inpath string) error

BuildRedirects builds redirects to provided folder

type Redirects Uses

type Redirects map[string]string

Redirects holds redirects

func NewRedirects Uses

func NewRedirects(inpath string) (Redirects, error)

NewRedirects parses redirects from a JSON files

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