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package ca_config

import ""


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type CAConfig Uses

type CAConfig struct {

    GRPCCA            *cmd.GRPCServerConfig
    GRPCOCSPGenerator *cmd.GRPCServerConfig

    RSAProfile   string
    ECDSAProfile string
    SerialPrefix int
    // Issuers contains configuration information for each issuer cert and key
    // this CA knows about. The first in the list is used as the default.
    Issuers []IssuerConfig
    // LifespanOCSP is how long OCSP responses are valid for; It should be longer
    // than the minTimeToExpiry field for the OCSP Updater.
    LifespanOCSP cmd.ConfigDuration
    // How long issued certificates are valid for, should match expiry field
    // in cfssl config.
    Expiry string
    // How far back certificates should be backdated, should match backdate
    // field in cfssl config.
    Backdate cmd.ConfigDuration
    // The maximum number of subjectAltNames in a single certificate
    MaxNames int
    CFSSL    cfsslConfig.Config

    // DoNotForceCN is a temporary config setting. It controls whether
    // to add a certificate's serial to its Subject, and whether to
    // not pull a SAN entry to be the CN if no CN was given in a CSR.
    DoNotForceCN bool

    // WeakKeyFile is the path to a JSON file containing truncated RSA modulus
    // hashes of known easily enumerable keys.
    WeakKeyFile string

    // BlockedKeyFile is the path to a YAML file containing Base64 encoded
    // SHA256 hashes of SubjectPublicKeyInfo's that should be considered
    // administratively blocked.
    BlockedKeyFile string

    SAService *cmd.GRPCClientConfig

    // Path to directory holding orphan queue files, if not provided an orphan queue
    // is not used.
    OrphanQueueDir string

    Features map[string]bool

CAConfig structs have configuration information for the certificate authority, including database parameters as well as controls for issued certificates.

type IssuerConfig Uses

type IssuerConfig struct {
    // A file from which a pkcs11key.Config will be read and parsed, if present
    ConfigFile string
    File       string
    PKCS11     *pkcs11key.Config
    CertFile   string
    // Number of sessions to open with the HSM. For maximum performance,
    // this should be equal to the number of cores in the HSM. Defaults to 1.
    NumSessions int

IssuerConfig contains info about an issuer: private key and issuer cert. It should contain either a File path to a PEM-format private key, or a PKCS11Config defining how to load a module for an HSM.

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