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package identifier

import ""

The identifier package defines types for RFC 8555 ACME identifiers.


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const (
    // DNS is specified in RFC 8555 for DNS type identifiers.
    DNS = IdentifierType("dns")

type ACMEIdentifier Uses

type ACMEIdentifier struct {
    // Type is the registered IdentifierType of the identifier.
    Type IdentifierType `json:"type"`
    // Value is the value of the identifier. For a DNS type identifier it is
    // a domain name.
    Value string `json:"value"`

ACMEIdentifier is a struct encoding an identifier that can be validated. The protocol allows for different types of identifier to be supported (DNS names, IP addresses, etc.), but currently we only support RFC 8555 DNS type identifiers for domain names.

func DNSIdentifier Uses

func DNSIdentifier(domain string) ACMEIdentifier

DNSIdentifier is a convenience function for creating an ACMEIdentifier with Type DNS for a given domain name.

type IdentifierType Uses

type IdentifierType string

IdentifierType is a named string type for registered ACME identifier types. See

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