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package revocation

import ""


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var ReasonToString = map[Reason]string{
    ocsp.Unspecified:          "unspecified",
    ocsp.KeyCompromise:        "keyCompromise",
    ocsp.CACompromise:         "cACompromise",
    ocsp.AffiliationChanged:   "affiliationChanged",
    ocsp.Superseded:           "superseded",
    ocsp.CessationOfOperation: "cessationOfOperation",
    ocsp.CertificateHold:      "certificateHold",

    ocsp.RemoveFromCRL:      "removeFromCRL",
    ocsp.PrivilegeWithdrawn: "privilegeWithdrawn",
    ocsp.AACompromise:       "aAcompromise",

ReasonToString provides a map from reason code to string

var UserAllowedReasons = map[Reason]struct{}{
    ocsp.Unspecified:          {},
    ocsp.KeyCompromise:        {},
    ocsp.AffiliationChanged:   {},
    ocsp.Superseded:           {},
    ocsp.CessationOfOperation: {},

UserAllowedReasons contains the subset of Reasons which users are allowed to use

var UserAllowedReasonsMessage = ""

UserAllowedReasonsMessage contains a string describing a list of user allowed revocation reasons. This is useful when a revocation is rejected because it is not a valid user supplied reason and the allowed values must be communicated. This variable is populated during package initialization.

type Reason Uses

type Reason int

Reason is used to specify a certificate revocation reason

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