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package vars

import ""


Package Files



var (
    // DBConnPolicy is the policy database connection
    DBConnPolicy = fmt.Sprintf(dbURL, "policy", "boulder_policy_test")
    // DBConnPolicyIntegration is the policy integration database connection
    DBConnPolicyIntegration = fmt.Sprintf(dbURL, "policy", "boulder_policy_integration")
    // DBConnSA is the sa database connection
    DBConnSA = fmt.Sprintf(dbURL, "sa", "boulder_sa_test")
    // DBConnSAIntegration is the sa integration database connection
    DBConnSAIntegration = fmt.Sprintf(dbURL, "sa", "boulder_sa_integration")
    // DBConnSAMailer is the sa mailer database connection
    DBConnSAMailer = fmt.Sprintf(dbURL, "mailer", "boulder_sa_test")
    // DBConnSAFullPerms is the sa database connection with full perms
    DBConnSAFullPerms = fmt.Sprintf(dbURL, "test_setup", "boulder_sa_test")
    // DBConnSAOcspResp is the sa ocsp_resp database connection
    DBConnSAOcspResp = fmt.Sprintf(dbURL, "ocsp_resp", "boulder_sa_test")
    // DBInfoSchemaRoot is the root user and the information_schema connection.
    DBInfoSchemaRoot = fmt.Sprintf(dbURL, "root", "information_schema")

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