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package golib

import "github.com/levenlabs/golib"

Package golib is a wrapper around various self-contained subpackages, and doesn't actually contain anything in it


Package Files



genapiPackage genapi implements a generic skeleton we can use as the basis for an api service.
mgoutilPackage mgoutil provides various methods for working with the mgo.v2 package, implementing various oft-used behaviors
proxyutilPackage proxyutil implements helper types and functions for proxying (generally non-rpc) http requests to/from backing services.
radixutilPackage radixutil provides various methods for working with the radix.v2 package, implenting various oft-used behaviors
ratelimiterPackage ratelimiter implements generic rate-limiting algorithms
rpcutilPackage rpcutil provides various methods for working with gorilla's JSON RPC 2 interface (http://www.gorillatoolkit.org/pkg/rpc/v2/json2)
testutilPackage testutil provides various methods which we commonly use when writing tests
timeutilPackage timeutil contains functions and types which aid in dealing with time

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