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package radixutil

import "github.com/levenlabs/golib/radixutil"

Package radixutil provides various methods for working with the radix.v2 package, implenting various oft-used behaviors


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func DialMaybeCluster Uses

func DialMaybeCluster(network, addr string, poolSize int) (util.Cmder, error)

DialMaybeCluster will do discovery on the redis instance at the given address to determine if it is part of a cluster or not. If so a radix Cluster is returned, using the given poolSize, if not a normal radix Pool is returned just for the given address.

func SRVDialFunc Uses

func SRVDialFunc(sc *srvclient.SRVClient, timeout time.Duration) func(string, string) (*redis.Client, error)

SRVDialFunc can be used as a DialFunc for various radix packages. It takes in an address, and will perform a MaybeSRV on it before actually making the connection. The given timeout will be used as the read/write timeout on the new connection. A timeout of 0 can be passed in to use whatever the default is on the system

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