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package leveros

import "github.com/leveros/leveros"


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adminPackage admin provides as implementation for Lever OS's admin service.
apiPackage api provides Lever OS libraries for both implementing Lever services in Go and invoking Lever methods, as a client.
api/adminPackage admin provides convenience function for interacting with the admin service.
apiserverPackage apiserver provides a HTTP gateway for invoking Lever methods without the use of a gRPC client.
cmdPackage cmd contains main subpackages for the various binaries built as part of Lever OS.
cmd/adminservicePackage main runs the admin service.
cmd/inittablesPackage main initializes Lever OS's database.
cmd/leveroshostPackage main runs a Lever OS host.
cmd/uploadconfigPackage main uploads a config file to consul.
configPackage config provides configuration flags.
corePackage core provides common utilities to be used throughout various Lever binaries and libraries.
devloggerPackage devlogger provides an implementation of a syslog server to be used for dev environments.
dockerutilPackage dockerutil provides Docker-related utility functions.
fleettrackerPackage fleettracker provides an implementation of a service that receives live usage metrics of Lever services and automatically adjusts the number of instances for the service.
hostPackage host contains the core implementation for a Lever OS host.
hostmanPackage hostman provides utilities for managing Lever instances and Lever resources running on the same node.
http2streamPackage http2stream provides an implementation of an HTTP/2 server and client that allows piping streams (useful for creating proxies).
leverutilPackage leverutil provides general utility functions that are not specific to Lever.
scalePackage scale provides utility functions for internal service and resource discovery, management and access.

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