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package devlogger

import "github.com/leveros/leveros/devlogger"

Package devlogger provides an implementation of a syslog server to be used for dev environments.


Package Files



const DevLoggerService = "devlogger"

DevLoggerService is the name of the devlogger internal service.

const PackageName = "devlogger"

PackageName is the name of this package.


var (
    // DevLoggerListenPortFlag is the port to listen to for syslog messages.
    DevLoggerListenPortFlag = config.DeclareString(
        PackageName, "devLoggerListenPort", "6514")
    // InstanceIDFlag is the instance ID of the devlogger. Note: This is a
    // different instance ID than leverutil.InstanceIDFlag because they serve
    // different things.
    InstanceIDFlag = config.DeclareString(
        PackageName, "instanceID", leverutil.RandomID())
    // DisableFlag disables the devlogger server.
    DisableFlag = config.DeclareBool(PackageName, "disable")

type DevLogger Uses

type DevLogger struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DevLogger is a syslog server meant to be used only for dev instances of Lever. It doesn't have the necessary redundancy and safeguards in place for production use.

func NewDevLogger Uses

func NewDevLogger(ownIP string) (*DevLogger, error)

NewDevLogger returns a new DevLogger.

func (*DevLogger) Close Uses

func (dl *DevLogger) Close()

Close closes the server.

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