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package kerberos

import "github.com/lib/pq/auth/kerberos"


Package Files

krb.go krb_unix.go

type GSS Uses

type GSS struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GSS implements the pq.GSS interface.

func NewGSS Uses

func NewGSS() (*GSS, error)

NewGSS creates a new GSS provider.

func (*GSS) Continue Uses

func (g *GSS) Continue(inToken []byte) (done bool, outToken []byte, err error)

Continue implements the GSS interface.

func (*GSS) GetInitToken Uses

func (g *GSS) GetInitToken(host string, service string) ([]byte, error)

GetInitToken implements the GSS interface.

func (*GSS) GetInitTokenFromSpn Uses

func (g *GSS) GetInitTokenFromSpn(spn string) ([]byte, error)

GetInitTokenFromSpn implements the GSS interface.

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