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package host

import "github.com/libp2p/go-libp2p-host"


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helpers.go host.go match.go

func MultistreamSemverMatcher Uses

func MultistreamSemverMatcher(base protocol.ID) (func(string) bool, error)

MultistreamSemverMatcher returns a matcher function for a given base protocol. The matcher function will return a boolean indicating whether a protocol ID matches the base protocol. A given protocol ID matches the base protocol if the IDs are the same and if the semantic version of the base protocol is the same or higher than that of the protocol ID provided.

func PeerInfoFromHost Uses

func PeerInfoFromHost(h Host) *pstore.PeerInfo

PeerInfoFromHost returns a PeerInfo struct with the Host's ID and all of its Addrs.

type Host Uses

type Host interface {
    // ID returns the (local) peer.ID associated with this Host
    ID() peer.ID

    // Peerstore returns the Host's repository of Peer Addresses and Keys.
    Peerstore() pstore.Peerstore

    // Returns the listen addresses of the Host
    Addrs() []ma.Multiaddr

    // Networks returns the Network interface of the Host
    Network() inet.Network

    // Mux returns the Mux multiplexing incoming streams to protocol handlers
    Mux() *msmux.MultistreamMuxer

    // Connect ensures there is a connection between this host and the peer with
    // given peer.ID. Connect will absorb the addresses in pi into its internal
    // peerstore. If there is not an active connection, Connect will issue a
    // h.Network.Dial, and block until a connection is open, or an error is
    // returned. // TODO: Relay + NAT.
    Connect(ctx context.Context, pi pstore.PeerInfo) error

    // SetStreamHandler sets the protocol handler on the Host's Mux.
    // This is equivalent to:
    //   host.Mux().SetHandler(proto, handler)
    // (Threadsafe)
    SetStreamHandler(pid protocol.ID, handler inet.StreamHandler)

    // SetStreamHandlerMatch sets the protocol handler on the Host's Mux
    // using a matching function for protocol selection.
    SetStreamHandlerMatch(protocol.ID, func(string) bool, inet.StreamHandler)

    // RemoveStreamHandler removes a handler on the mux that was set by
    // SetStreamHandler
    RemoveStreamHandler(pid protocol.ID)

    // NewStream opens a new stream to given peer p, and writes a p2p/protocol
    // header with given protocol.ID. If there is no connection to p, attempts
    // to create one. If ProtocolID is "", writes no header.
    // (Threadsafe)
    NewStream(ctx context.Context, p peer.ID, pids ...protocol.ID) (inet.Stream, error)

    // Close shuts down the host, its Network, and services.
    Close() error

    // ConnManager returns this hosts connection manager
    ConnManager() ifconnmgr.ConnManager

Host is an object participating in a p2p network, which implements protocols or provides services. It handles requests like a Server, and issues requests like a Client. It is called Host because it is both Server and Client (and Peer may be confusing).

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