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package ping

import "github.com/libp2p/go-libp2p/p2p/protocol/ping"


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const ID = "/ipfs/ping/1.0.0"
const PingSize = 32

func Ping Uses

func Ping(ctx context.Context, h host.Host, p peer.ID) <-chan Result

Ping pings the remote peer until the context is canceled, returning a stream of RTTs or errors.

type PingService Uses

type PingService struct {
    Host host.Host

func NewPingService Uses

func NewPingService(h host.Host) *PingService

func (*PingService) Ping Uses

func (ps *PingService) Ping(ctx context.Context, p peer.ID) <-chan Result

func (*PingService) PingHandler Uses

func (p *PingService) PingHandler(s network.Stream)

type Result Uses

type Result struct {
    RTT   time.Duration
    Error error

Result is a result of a ping attempt, either an RTT or an error.

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