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package idxmap

import ""

Package idxmap defines a mapping structure which supports mapping change notifications and retrieval of items by fields in the value structure.

Primary Index                Item                                Secondary indexes


Eth1              +---------------------+                 { "IP" : ["", ""],
                  |  Status: Enabled    |                   "Type" : ["ethernet"]
                  |  IP:    |                 }
                  |       |
                  |  Type: ethernet     |
                  |  Desc: something    |

Function `Put` adds a value (item) into the mapping. In the function call the primary index(name) for the item is specified. The values of the primary index are unique, if the name already exists, then the item is overwritten. To retrieve an item identified by the primary index, use the `GetValue` function. An item can be removed from the mapping by calling the `Delete` function. The names that are currently registered can be retrieved by calling the `ListAllNames` function.

The constructor allows you to define a `createIndexes` function that extracts secondary indices from stored items. The function returns a map indexed by names of secondary indexes, and the values are the extracted values for the particular item. The values of secondary indexes are not necessarily unique. To retrieve items based on secondary indices use the `ListNames` function. In contrast to the lookup by primary index, the function may return multiple names.

`Watch` allows to define a callback that is called when a change in the mapping occurs. There is a helper function `ToChan` available, which allows to deliver notifications through a channel.


Package Files

api.go chan.go doc.go


const DefaultNotifTimeout = 2 * time.Second

DefaultNotifTimeout for delivery of notification

func ToChan Uses

func ToChan(ch chan NamedMappingGenericEvent, opts ...interface{}) func(dto NamedMappingGenericEvent)

ToChan creates a callback that can be passed to the Watch function in order to receive notifications through a channel. If the notification can not be delivered until timeout, it is dropped.

type NamedMapping Uses

type NamedMapping interface {
    // GetRegistryTitle returns the title assigned to the registry.
    GetRegistryTitle() string

    // GetValue retrieves a previously stored item identified by
    // <name>. If there is no item associated with the give name in the mapping,
    // the <exists> flag is returned as *false*.
    GetValue(name string) (value interface{}, exists bool)

    // ListNames looks up the items by a secondary index.
    // It returns the names of all indexes for which the value of a secondary
    // key <field> equals to <value>.
    ListNames(field string, value string) (names []string)

    // ListAllNames returns all names in the mapping.
    ListAllNames() (names []string)

    // ListFields returns a map of fields (secondary indexes) and their values
    // currently associated with the item identified by <name>.
    ListFields(name string) map[string][]string // field -> values

    // Watch subscribes to receive notifications about the changes in the
    // mapping. To receive changes through a channel, ToChan utility can be used.
    // Example usage:
    //  map.Watch(subscriber, ToChan(myChannel))
    //  map.Watch(subscriber, func(msgNamedMappingGenericEvent) {/*handle callback*/ return nil})
    Watch(subscriber string, callback func(NamedMappingGenericEvent)) error

NamedMapping is the "user API" to the mapping. It provides read-only access.

type NamedMappingEvent Uses

type NamedMappingEvent struct {
    // Logical name of the object
    Name string
    // Del denotes a type of change
    // - it is true if an item was removed
    // - it false if an item was added or updated
    Del bool
    // Update denotes a type of change
    // - it is true if and item metadata was updated
    // - it is false if an item was added or removed
    Update bool
    // RegistryTitle identifies the registry (NameToIndexMapping)
    RegistryTitle string

NamedMappingEvent is a part of the change notification. It is a generic part that does not contain metadata of type interface{} thus it can be reused in mapping with typed metadata.

type NamedMappingGenericEvent Uses

type NamedMappingGenericEvent struct {

    Value interface{}

NamedMappingGenericEvent represents a single change in the mapping. The structure is created when an item is inserted or removed from the mapping.

type NamedMappingRW Uses

type NamedMappingRW interface {

    // Put registers a new item into the mapping under the given <name>.
    // Name is the primary unique key, if an item was registered before
    // it is overwritten.
    Put(name string, value interface{})

    // Update replaces a metadata value in an existing mapping under
    // provided <name>. If item is missing, it is NOT created
    // and false value is returned in such a case.
    Update(name string, value interface{}) (success bool)

    // Delete removes an item associated with the <name> from the mapping.
    Delete(name string) (value interface{}, exists bool)

    // Clear removes all entries from the mapping

NamedMappingRW is the "owner API" to the mapping. Using this API the owner can modify the content of the mapping.


memPackage mem provides in-memory implementation of the mapping with multiple indexes.

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