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Murex is a cross-platform shell like Bash but with greater emphasis on writing safe shell scripts and powerful one-liners while maintaining readability.

A quick breakdown of the project structure:

* builtins contains all the plugins exposed via the languages runtime
* config is APIs for the runtime config
* debug is debugging APIs
* docs is the murex online documentation. Contents in here are autogenerated and some of this will be compiled into the murex executable.
* examples (does not contain Go code) is murex shell script examples
* gen is the templates for docgen
* lang contains the language parsers and runtime environment
* shell is the code for the interactive shell
* test is the testing framework
* utils directory is tools used exclusively within this Go source code
* vendor contains 3rd party packages used by murex

Package Files

flags.go godoc.go main.go source.go


builtinsPackage builtins is the gatekeeper to the various modules, additional data types and builtin functions within murex
builtins/core/arraytoolsPackage arraytools provides functions for working with arrays and maps
builtins/core/datatoolsPackage datatools provides utilities for manipulating data structures
builtins/core/escapePackage escape provides some handy string escaping utilities
builtins/core/httpclientPackage httpclient provides useful HTTP functions
builtins/core/managementPackage management provides misc functions for managing your murex runtime environment
builtins/core/mkarrayPackage mkarray provides functions for rapidly building arrays
builtins/core/openimagePackage openimage renders bitmap image data on your terminal
builtins/core/processesPackage processes provides core functions for managing processes
builtins/core/runtimePackage cmdruntime provides data on murex's runtime state
builtins/core/structsPackage structs provides code syntax structures for murex
builtins/core/textmanipPackage textmanip provides useful string manipulation functions when working with arrayed data types
builtins/core/timePackage time provides some core time based builtins
builtins/core/typemgmtPackage typemgmt provides core functions for managing murex types and variables
builtins/eventsPackage events provides a basic event framework for murex
builtins/optional/coreutilsPackage coreutils is an optional package that recreates some basic Linux/UNIX tools for Windows users
builtins/optional/encodersPackage encoders provides some handy builtins for encoding and decoding streams in various different formats
builtins/optional/inlinePackage inline allows you to inline code from other languages
builtins/optional/qrPackage qrimage generates a QR code image
builtins/optional/timePackage time provides some optional time based builtins
builtins/pipes/nullPackage null provides the null interface (akin to /dev/null).
builtins/pipes/streamsPackage streams provides the standard streams used by murex and thus is REQUIRED by murex.
builtins/pipes/termPackage term provides the TTY STDOUT and STDERR interfaces.
builtins/types/apachelogsPackage apachelogs provides definitions for the `commonlog` and `errorlog` data types
builtins/types/binaryPackage binary provides definitions for the `bin` data type
builtins/types/bsonPackage bson provides definitions for the `bson` data type
builtins/types/columnsPackage columns provides definitions for the column, `column`, data type
builtins/types/csvPackage csv provides definitions for the `csv` data type
builtins/types/csv-badPackage csvbad provides definitions for the `csv-bad` data type
builtins/types/genericPackage generic provides definitions for the generic, `*`, data type
builtins/types/hclPackage hcl provides definitions for the `hcl` data type
builtins/types/jsonPackage json provides definitions for the `json` data type
builtins/types/jsonlinesPackage jsonlines provides definitions for the `jsonlines` data type
builtins/types/numericPackage numeric provides definitions for numeric data types (int, float, num)
builtins/types/querystringPackage string provides definitions for the `str` data type
builtins/types/sexpPackage sexp provides definitions for the S-Expression data types: `sexpr` and `csexp`
builtins/types/stringPackage string provides definitions for the `str` data type
builtins/types/tomlPackage toml provides definitions for the `toml` data type
builtins/types/unicodePackage unicode provides definitions for the unicode, `utf8`, data type
builtins/types/yamlPackage yaml provides definitions for the `yaml` data type
configPackage config provides APIs for managing the shell's runtime config
config/defaultsPackage defaults defines the default state for many run time config
config/profilePackage profile is used to read the various non-default murex user profiles and modules
debugPackage debug provides debugging APIs
langPackage lang provides the parser for the murex shell scripting language
lang/proc/parametersPackage parameters provides parsing for language command line parameters within murex
lang/proc/pipesPackage pipes provides runtime information about murex named pipes
lang/proc/runmodePackage runmode provides constants used to describe the run mode of the murex interpreter
lang/proc/statePackage state provides constants used to describe the runtime state of murex functions
lang/refPackage ref provides some reference structures required by multiple packages
shellPackage shell provides sources for the interactive shell
shell/userdictionaryPackage userdictionary provides `config` hooks for the spellchecker user dictionary
test/countPackage count is used to count the number of test cases run
utils/ansiPackage ansi provides APIs for writing common ASNI escape sequences to the terminal
utils/cdPackage cd changes the current working directory and updates the global working
utils/constsPackage consts consolidates common values used throughout the source code
utils/counterPackage counter provides a thread safe counter using mutexes
utils/docgen/apiPackage docgen contains all the executing code of the docgen CLI but in API form
utils/escapePackage escape provides tools for escaping command line snippets of code
utils/gopathPackage gopath is used during testing which points test files towards go source code
utils/homePackage home is used to return the users home directory
utils/manPackage man is murex's man page parser to provide flag auto-complete suggestions
utils/posixPackage posix is a quick helper function to determine if the running platform is POSIX or not
utils/readallPackage readall provides an alterative to ioutil.Readall but with support for context.Context
utils/readlinePackage readline is a pure-Go re-imagining of the UNIX readline API
utils/whichPackage which provides similar functionality to the UNIX command of the same name

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