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package sse

import ""


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config.go sse.go util.go

func GenerateClientID Uses

func GenerateClientID() string

GenerateClientID is used to generate an uuid randomly

type CloseType Uses

type CloseType int

CloseType present the type of closing

const (

    // ClientClose present client initiative to disconnect
    ClientClose CloseType
    // ServerClose present server initiative to disconnect

type Event Uses

type Event struct {
    Event string
    ID    string
    Retry uint
    Data  interface{}

Event is the Server-Sent Event data struct

type Option Uses

type Option struct {
    Headers map[string]string

Option is used for initialize sse service

type Service Uses

type Service struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Service is the type of sse service instance

func NewService Uses

func NewService() *Service

NewService is used to create a sse.Service instance

func NewServiceWithOption Uses

func NewServiceWithOption(o Option) *Service

NewServiceWithOption is used to create a sse.Service instance with additional option

func (*Service) Broadcast Uses

func (s *Service) Broadcast(e Event)

Broadcast is used to broadcast event to all connected clients

func (*Service) CloseAllClients Uses

func (s *Service) CloseAllClients()

CloseAllClients is used to disconnect all clients

func (*Service) CloseClient Uses

func (s *Service) CloseClient(clientID interface{}) error

CloseClient is used to disconnect client by server

func (*Service) GetClientCount Uses

func (s *Service) GetClientCount() int

GetClientCount is used to get count of client

func (*Service) HandleClient Uses

func (s *Service) HandleClient(clientID interface{}, w http.ResponseWriter) (<-chan CloseType, error)

HandleClient is used to handle a client with streaming and returns a chan of closing

func (*Service) Send Uses

func (s *Service) Send(clientID interface{}, e Event) error

Send is used to send data to client

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