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package attach

import ""


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var ErrBodyUnparsable = errors.New("body can't be parsed to command")
var ErrBuildingRes = errors.New("couldn't build response")
var ErrBuildingTx = errors.New("couldn't build transaction from trytes")
var ErrFetchRawTips = errors.New("couldn't fetch raw tips data from node")
var ErrMissingBody = errors.New("missing body")
var ErrMissingTxBundleLimit = errors.New("expected tx bundle limit after the attach directive")
var ErrTxBundleLimitExceeded = errors.New("the number of transactions in the bundle exceed the attachToTangle limit")

type AttachToTangleCmd Uses

type AttachToTangleCmd struct {
    Command      string         `json:"command"`
    TrunkTxHash  giota.Trytes   `json:"trunkTransaction"`
    BranchTxHash giota.Trytes   `json:"branchTransaction"`
    MWM          int            `json:"minWeightMagnitude"`
    Trytes       []giota.Trytes `json:"trytes"`

type AttachToTangleHandler Uses

type AttachToTangleHandler struct {
    Next httpserver.Handler

func (AttachToTangleHandler) ServeHTTP Uses

func (h AttachToTangleHandler) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) (int, error)

type AttachToTangleRes Uses

type AttachToTangleRes struct {
    Trytes   []giota.Trytes `json:"trytes"`
    Duration int64          `json:"duration"`

type Tips Uses

type Tips struct {
    Trunk, Branch         giota.Transaction
    TrunkHash, BranchHash giota.Trytes

type Transaction Uses

type Transaction struct {
    Trunk, Branch giota.Trytes
    Transactions  []giota.Transaction

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