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package qerr

import "github.com/lucas-clemente/quic-go/internal/qerr"


Package Files

error_codes.go quic_error.go

type ErrorCode Uses

type ErrorCode uint64

ErrorCode can be used as a normal error without reason.

const (
    NoError                 ErrorCode = 0x0
    InternalError           ErrorCode = 0x1
    ServerBusy              ErrorCode = 0x2
    FlowControlError        ErrorCode = 0x3
    StreamLimitError        ErrorCode = 0x4
    StreamStateError        ErrorCode = 0x5
    FinalSizeError          ErrorCode = 0x6
    FrameEncodingError      ErrorCode = 0x7
    TransportParameterError ErrorCode = 0x8
    VersionNegotiationError ErrorCode = 0x9
    ProtocolViolation       ErrorCode = 0xa
    InvalidMigration        ErrorCode = 0xc

The error codes defined by QUIC

func (ErrorCode) Error Uses

func (e ErrorCode) Error() string

func (ErrorCode) String Uses

func (e ErrorCode) String() string

type QuicError Uses

type QuicError struct {
    ErrorCode    ErrorCode
    ErrorMessage string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A QuicError consists of an error code plus a error reason

func ApplicationError Uses

func ApplicationError(errorCode ErrorCode, errorMessage string) *QuicError

func CryptoError Uses

func CryptoError(tlsAlert uint8, errorMessage string) *QuicError

CryptoError create a new QuicError instance for a crypto error

func Error Uses

func Error(errorCode ErrorCode, errorMessage string) *QuicError

Error creates a new QuicError instance

func TimeoutError Uses

func TimeoutError(errorMessage string) *QuicError

TimeoutError creates a new QuicError instance for a timeout error

func ToQuicError Uses

func ToQuicError(err error) *QuicError

ToQuicError converts an arbitrary error to a QuicError. It leaves QuicErrors unchanged, and properly handles `ErrorCode`s.

func (*QuicError) Error Uses

func (e *QuicError) Error() string

func (*QuicError) IsCryptoError Uses

func (e *QuicError) IsCryptoError() bool

IsCryptoError says if this error is a crypto error

func (*QuicError) Temporary Uses

func (e *QuicError) Temporary() bool

Temporary says if the error is temporary.

func (*QuicError) Timeout Uses

func (e *QuicError) Timeout() bool

Timeout says if this error is a timeout.

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