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package testutils

import "github.com/lucas-clemente/quic-go/internal/testutils"


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func ComposeAckFrame Uses

func ComposeAckFrame(smallest protocol.PacketNumber, largest protocol.PacketNumber) *wire.AckFrame

ComposeAckFrame returns a new Ack Frame that acknowledges all packets between smallest and largest

func ComposeConnCloseFrame Uses

func ComposeConnCloseFrame() *wire.ConnectionCloseFrame

ComposeConnCloseFrame returns a new Connection Close frame with a generic error

func ComposeCryptoFrame Uses

func ComposeCryptoFrame(cft CryptoFrameType, size int) *wire.CryptoFrame

ComposeCryptoFrame returns a new empty crypto frame of the specified type padded to size bytes with zeroes

func ComposeInitialPacket Uses

func ComposeInitialPacket(srcConnID protocol.ConnectionID, destConnID protocol.ConnectionID, version protocol.VersionNumber, key protocol.ConnectionID, frames []wire.Frame) []byte

ComposeInitialPacket returns an Initial packet encrypted under key (the original destination connection ID) containing specified frames

func ComposeRetryPacket Uses

func ComposeRetryPacket(
    srcConnID protocol.ConnectionID,
    destConnID protocol.ConnectionID,
    origDestConnID protocol.ConnectionID,
    token []byte,
    version protocol.VersionNumber,
) []byte

ComposeRetryPacket returns a new raw Retry Packet

type CryptoFrameType Uses

type CryptoFrameType uint8

CryptoFrameType uses same types as messageType in crypto_setup.go

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