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package quictrace

import "github.com/lucas-clemente/quic-go/quictrace"


Package Files

interface.go tracer.go

type Event Uses

type Event struct {
    Time      time.Time
    EventType EventType

    TransportState  *TransportState
    EncryptionLevel protocol.EncryptionLevel
    PacketNumber    protocol.PacketNumber
    PacketSize      protocol.ByteCount
    Frames          []wire.Frame

Event is a quic-traceable event

type EventType Uses

type EventType uint8

EventType is the type of an event

const (
    // PacketSent means that a packet was sent
    PacketSent EventType = 1 + iota
    // PacketReceived means that a packet was received
    // PacketLost means that a packet was lost

type Tracer Uses

type Tracer interface {
    Trace(protocol.ConnectionID, Event)
    GetAllTraces() map[string][]byte

A Tracer traces a QUIC connection

func NewTracer Uses

func NewTracer() Tracer

NewTracer creates a new Tracer

type TransportState Uses

type TransportState struct {
    MinRTT      time.Duration
    SmoothedRTT time.Duration
    LatestRTT   time.Duration

    BytesInFlight    protocol.ByteCount
    CongestionWindow protocol.ByteCount
    InSlowStart      bool
    InRecovery       bool

TransportState contains some transport and congestion statistics



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