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package internal

import ""

Package internal is supporting code used by server.go.


Package Files

doc.go pprof.go rediscache.go trace.go tracesampler.go

func EnableOpenCensusTracing Uses

func EnableOpenCensusTracing()

EnableOpenCensusTracing installs OpenCensus as a tracing backend for LUCI packages.

func Sampler Uses

func Sampler(spec string) (trace.Sampler, error)

Sampler constructs an object that decides how often to sample traces.

The spec is a string in one of the forms:

* `X%` - to sample approximately X percent of requests.
* `Xqps` - to produce approximately X samples per second.

Returns an error if the spec can't be parsed.

type RedisBlobCache Uses

type RedisBlobCache struct {
    Prefix string // prefix to prepend to keys

RedisBlobCache implements caching.BlobCache using Redis.

func (*RedisBlobCache) Get Uses

func (rc *RedisBlobCache) Get(ctx context.Context, key string) (blob []byte, err error)

Get returns a cached item or ErrCacheMiss if it's not in the cache.

func (*RedisBlobCache) Set Uses

func (rc *RedisBlobCache) Set(ctx context.Context, key string, value []byte, exp time.Duration) (err error)

Set unconditionally overwrites an item in the cache.

If 'exp' is zero, the item will have no expiration time.

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