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package wheel

import ""


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func WriteRequirementsFile Uses

func WriteRequirementsFile(path string, wheels []Name) (err error)

WriteRequirementsFile writes a valid "requirements.txt"-style pip requirements file containing the supplied wheels.

The generated requirements will request the exact wheel senver version (using "==").

type Name Uses

type Name struct {
    Distribution string
    Version      string
    BuildTag     string
    PythonTag    string
    ABITag       string
    PlatformTag  string

Name is a parsed Python wheel name, defined here:

{distribution}-{version}(-{build tag})?-{python tag}-{abi tag}-\ {platform tag}.whl .

func ParseName Uses

func ParseName(v string) (wn Name, err error)

ParseName parses a wheel Name from its filename.

func ScanDir Uses

func ScanDir(dir string) ([]Name, error)

ScanDir identifies all wheel files in the immediate directory dir and returns their parsed wheel names.

func (*Name) String Uses

func (wn *Name) String() string

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