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package rsync

import "github.com/lxc/lxd/lxd/rsync"


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func AtLeast Uses

func AtLeast(min string) bool

AtLeast compares the local version to a minimum version.

func LocalCopy Uses

func LocalCopy(source string, dest string, bwlimit string, xattrs bool, rsyncArgs ...string) (string, error)

LocalCopy copies a directory using rsync (with the --devices option).

func Recv Uses

func Recv(path string, conn io.ReadWriteCloser, tracker *ioprogress.ProgressTracker, features []string) error

Recv sets up the receiving half of the websocket to rsync (the other half set up by rsync.Send), putting the contents in the directory specified by path.

func Send Uses

func Send(name string, path string, conn io.ReadWriteCloser, tracker *ioprogress.ProgressTracker, features []string, bwlimit string, execPath string, rsyncArgs ...string) error

Send sets up the sending half of an rsync, to recursively send the directory pointed to by path over the websocket.

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