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package version

import "github.com/lxc/lxd/shared/version"


Package Files

api.go flex.go platform_linux.go useragent.go version.go


var APIExtensions = []string{ /* 180 elements not displayed */


APIExtensions is the list of all API extensions in the order they were added.

The following kind of changes come with a new extensions:

- New configuration key - New valid values for a configuration key - New REST API endpoint - New argument inside an existing REST API call - New HTTPs authentication mechanisms or protocols

This list is used mainly by the LXD server code, but it's in the shared package as well for reference.

var APIVersion = "1.0"

APIVersion contains the API base version. Only bumped for backward incompatible changes.

var UserAgent = getUserAgent()

UserAgent contains a string suitable as a user-agent

var Version = "3.23"

Version contains the LXD version number

func APIExtensionsCount Uses

func APIExtensionsCount() int

APIExtensionsCount returns the number of available API extensions.

func UserAgentFeatures Uses

func UserAgentFeatures(features []string)

UserAgentFeatures updates the list of advertised features

func UserAgentStorageBackends Uses

func UserAgentStorageBackends(backends []string)

UserAgentStorageBackends updates the list of storage backends to include in the user-agent

type DottedVersion Uses

type DottedVersion struct {
    Major int
    Minor int
    Patch int

DottedVersion holds element of a version in the maj.min[.patch] format.

func NewDottedVersion Uses

func NewDottedVersion(versionString string) (*DottedVersion, error)

NewDottedVersion returns a new Version.

func Parse Uses

func Parse(s string) (*DottedVersion, error)

Parse parses a string starting with a dotted version and returns it.

func (*DottedVersion) Compare Uses

func (v *DottedVersion) Compare(other *DottedVersion) int

Compare returns result of comparison between two versions

func (*DottedVersion) String Uses

func (v *DottedVersion) String() string

String returns version as a string

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