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package nudebox

import ""

Package nudebox provides a client for accessing Nudebox services.


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type Client Uses

type Client struct {

    // HTTPClient is the http.Client that will be used to
    // make requests.
    HTTPClient *http.Client
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is an HTTP client that can make requests to the box.

func New Uses

func New(addr string) *Client

New makes a new Client for the box at the specified address.

func (*Client) Check Uses

func (c *Client) Check(image io.Reader) (float64, error)

Check gets the nudity probability for the image data provided.

func (*Client) CheckBase64 Uses

func (c *Client) CheckBase64(data string) (float64, error)

CheckBase64 gets the nudity probability for the Base64 encoded image.

func (*Client) CheckURL Uses

func (c *Client) CheckURL(imageURL *url.URL) (float64, error)

CheckURL gets the nudity probability for the image at the specified URL.

func (*Client) Info Uses

func (c *Client) Info() (*boxutil.Info, error)

Info gets the details about the box.

type ErrNudebox Uses

type ErrNudebox string

ErrNudebox represents an error from Nudebox.

func (ErrNudebox) Error Uses

func (e ErrNudebox) Error() string

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