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package nacl

import ""


Package Files

decrypter.go encoding.go encrypter.go nacl.go

type Decrypter Uses

type Decrypter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Decrypter will decrypt data using AES256CBC method

func NewDecrypter Uses

func NewDecrypter(privateKey crypto.PrivateKey) (*Decrypter, error)

NewDecrypter create a new decrypter attaching the private key to it

func (Decrypter) Decrypt Uses

func (d Decrypter) Decrypt(data cipher.EncryptedContent) (cipher.PlainContent, error)

Decrypt data using recipient private key with AES in CBC mode.

type Encrypter Uses

type Encrypter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Encrypter will encrypt data using AES256CBC method

func NewEncrypter Uses

func NewEncrypter() Encrypter

NewEncrypter create a new encrypter with crypto rand for reader

func (Encrypter) Encrypt Uses

func (e Encrypter) Encrypt(recipientPublicKey crypto.PublicKey, message cipher.PlainContent) (cipher.EncryptedContent, error)

Encrypt contents with the recipients public key.

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