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package ember

import "github.com/maja42/ember"


Package Files

attachement.go errors.go marker.go

type AttErr Uses

type AttErr string

AttErr reports problems with embedded attachments.

func (*AttErr) Error Uses

func (o *AttErr) Error() string

type Attachments Uses

type Attachments struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Attachments represent embedded data in an executable.

func Open Uses

func Open() (*Attachments, error)

Open returns the attachments of the running executable.

func OpenExe Uses

func OpenExe(exePath string) (*Attachments, error)

OpenExe returns the attachments of an arbitrary executable.

func (*Attachments) Close Uses

func (a *Attachments) Close() error

Close the executable containing the attachments. Close will return an error if it has already been called.

func (*Attachments) Count Uses

func (a *Attachments) Count() int

Count returns the number of attachments.

func (*Attachments) List Uses

func (a *Attachments) List() []string

List returns a list containing the names of all attachments.

func (*Attachments) Reader Uses

func (a *Attachments) Reader(name string) Reader

Reader returns a reader for a given attachment. Returns nil if no attachment with that name exists.

func (*Attachments) Size Uses

func (a *Attachments) Size(name string) int64

Size returns the size of a specific attachment in bytes. Returns zero if no attachment with that name exists.

type Reader Uses

type Reader interface {
    Size() int64

Reader groups basic methods available on attachments.



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