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package sessionauth

import ""

Package login is a middleware for Martini that provides a simple way to track user sessions in on a website. Please see for a more detailed description of the package.


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var (
    // RedirectUrl should be the relative URL for your login route
    RedirectUrl string = "/login"

    // RedirectParam is the query string parameter that will be set
    // with the page the user was trying to visit before they were
    // intercepted.
    RedirectParam string = "next"

    // SessionKey is the key containing the unique ID in your session
    SessionKey string = "AUTHUNIQUEID"

These are the default configuration values for this package. They can be set at anytime, probably during the initial setup of Martini.

func AuthenticateSession Uses

func AuthenticateSession(s sessions.Session, user User) error

AuthenticateSession will mark the session and user object as authenticated. Then the Login() user function will be called. This function should be called after you have validated a user.

func LoginRequired Uses

func LoginRequired(r render.Render, user User, req *http.Request)

LoginRequired verifies that the current user is authenticated. Any routes that require a login should have this handler placed in the flow. If the user is not authenticated, they will be redirected to /login with the "next" get parameter set to the attempted URL.

func Logout Uses

func Logout(s sessions.Session, user User)

Logout will clear out the session and call the Logout() user function.

func SessionUser Uses

func SessionUser(newUser func() User) martini.Handler

SessionUser will try to read a unique user ID out of the session. Then it tries to populate an anonymous user object from the database based on that ID. If this is successful, the valid user is mapped into the context. Otherwise the anonymous user is mapped into the contact. The newUser() function should provide a valid 0value structure for the caller's user type.

func UpdateUser Uses

func UpdateUser(s sessions.Session, user User) error

UpdateUser updates the User object stored in the session. This is useful incase a change is made to the user model that needs to persist across requests.

type User Uses

type User interface {
    // Return whether this user is logged in or not
    IsAuthenticated() bool

    // Set any flags or extra data that should be available

    // Clear any sensitive data out of the user

    // Return the unique identifier of this user object
    UniqueId() interface{}

    // Populate this user object with values
    GetById(id interface{}) error

User defines all the functions necessary to work with the user's authentication. The caller should implement these functions for whatever system of authentication they choose to use


exampleAuth example is an example application which requires a login to view a private link.

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