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myLG is an open source software utility which combines the functions of the different network probes in one network diagnostic tool.

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bannerPackage banner provides banner information
cliPackage cli provides all methods to control command line functions
dataPackage data Provides All Configured Data For Mylg
discPackage disc is a LAN discovery library
http/pingPackage ping tries to ping a HTTP server through different ways Connection, Session (Head), Get and Post
icmpPackage icmp provides icmp enhanced methods based on the golang icmp package
lgPackage lg provides looking glass methods for selected looking glasses Cogent Carrier Looking Glass ASN 174
nmsPackage nms provides network monitoring system through different various protocols such as SNMP, SSH
nsPackage ns provides name server methods for selected name server(s)
packetPackage packet is a wrapper for GoPacket and sub packages
ripePackage ripe provides ASN and IP information
scanPackage scan TCP ports
services/httpdPackage httpd provides web service
speedtestPackage speedtest interfaces for testing internet bandwidth through HTTP by
sshPackage ssh wraps core ssh package this package is still in development
whoisPackage whois tries to get information about IP address / Prefix / Domain (todo)

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