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package standalone

import "github.com/meirf/kubernetes/pkg/standalone"

package standalone has utilities for running different Kubernetes binaries in a single binary.


Package Files

doc.go standalone.go

func GetDockerEndpoint Uses

func GetDockerEndpoint(dockerEndpoint string) string

Get a docker endpoint, either from the string passed in, or $DOCKER_HOST environment variables

func RunApiServer Uses

func RunApiServer(cl *client.Client, etcdClient tools.EtcdClient, addr string, port int)

RunApiServer starts an API server in a go routine.

func RunControllerManager Uses

func RunControllerManager(machineList []string, cl *client.Client, nodeMilliCPU, nodeMemory int64)

RunControllerManager starts a controller

func RunKubelet Uses

func RunKubelet(etcdClient tools.EtcdClient, hostname, dockerEndpoint string)

RunKubelet starts a Kubelet talking to dockerEndpoint

func RunScheduler Uses

func RunScheduler(cl *client.Client)

RunScheduler starts up a scheduler in it's own goroutine

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