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package ssse3

import ""


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func PABSBm128byte Uses

func PABSBm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PABSBm128byte Packed Absolute Value Integers

func PABSBm128int8 Uses

func PABSBm128int8(X1 []int8, X2 []int8)

PABSBm128int8 Packed Absolute Value Integers

func PABSDm128byte Uses

func PABSDm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PABSDm128byte Packed Absolute Value Integers

func PABSDm128int32 Uses

func PABSDm128int32(X1 []int32, X2 []int32)

PABSDm128int32 Packed Absolute Value Integers

func PABSWm128byte Uses

func PABSWm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PABSWm128byte Packed Absolute Value Integers

func PABSWm128int16 Uses

func PABSWm128int16(X1 []int16, X2 []int16)

PABSWm128int16 Packed Absolute Value Integers

func PHADDDm128byte Uses

func PHADDDm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PHADDDm128byte Packed Horizontal Add

func PHADDSWm128byte Uses

func PHADDSWm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PHADDSWm128byte Packed Horizontal Add and Saturate

func PHADDWm128byte Uses

func PHADDWm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PHADDWm128byte Packed Horizontal Add

func PHSUBDm128byte Uses

func PHSUBDm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PHSUBDm128byte Packed Horizontal Subtract

func PHSUBSWm128byte Uses

func PHSUBSWm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PHSUBSWm128byte Packed Horizontal Subtract and Saturate

func PHSUBWm128byte Uses

func PHSUBWm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PHSUBWm128byte Packed Horizontal Subtract

func PMADDUBSWm128byte Uses

func PMADDUBSWm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PMADDUBSWm128byte Multiply and Add Packed Signed and Unsigned Bytes

func PMULHRSWm128byte Uses

func PMULHRSWm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PMULHRSWm128byte Packed Multiply High with Round and Scale

func PSHUFBm128byte Uses

func PSHUFBm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PSHUFBm128byte Packed Shuffle Bytes

func PSIGNBm128byte Uses

func PSIGNBm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PSIGNBm128byte Packed SIGN

func PSIGNDm128byte Uses

func PSIGNDm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PSIGNDm128byte Packed SIGN

func PSIGNWm128byte Uses

func PSIGNWm128byte(X1 []byte, X2 []byte)

PSIGNWm128byte Packed SIGN

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