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package etcd

import "github.com/micro/go-micro/config/source/etcd"


Package Files

etcd.go options.go util.go watcher.go


var (
    DefaultPrefix = "/micro/config/"

func Auth Uses

func Auth(username, password string) source.Option

Auth allows you to specify username/password

func NewSource Uses

func NewSource(opts ...source.Option) source.Source

func StripPrefix Uses

func StripPrefix(strip bool) source.Option

StripPrefix indicates whether to remove the prefix from config entries, or leave it in place.

func WithAddress Uses

func WithAddress(a ...string) source.Option

WithAddress sets the etcd address

func WithDialTimeout Uses

func WithDialTimeout(timeout time.Duration) source.Option

WithDialTimeout set the time out for dialing to etcd

func WithPrefix Uses

func WithPrefix(p string) source.Option

WithPrefix sets the key prefix to use

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