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package errors

import "github.com/micro/go-micro/errors"

Package errors provides a way to return detailed information for an RPC request error. The error is normally JSON encoded.


Package Files

errors.go errors.pb.go errors.pb.micro.go

func BadRequest Uses

func BadRequest(id, format string, a ...interface{}) error

BadRequest generates a 400 error.

func Conflict Uses

func Conflict(id, format string, a ...interface{}) error

Conflict generates a 409 error.

func Equal Uses

func Equal(err1 error, err2 error) bool

Equal tries to compare errors

func Forbidden Uses

func Forbidden(id, format string, a ...interface{}) error

Forbidden generates a 403 error.

func InternalServerError Uses

func InternalServerError(id, format string, a ...interface{}) error

InternalServerError generates a 500 error.

func MethodNotAllowed Uses

func MethodNotAllowed(id, format string, a ...interface{}) error

MethodNotAllowed generates a 405 error.

func New Uses

func New(id, detail string, code int32) error

New generates a custom error.

func NotFound Uses

func NotFound(id, format string, a ...interface{}) error

NotFound generates a 404 error.

func Timeout Uses

func Timeout(id, format string, a ...interface{}) error

Timeout generates a 408 error.

func Unauthorized Uses

func Unauthorized(id, format string, a ...interface{}) error

Unauthorized generates a 401 error.

type Error Uses

type Error struct {
    Id                   string   `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=id,proto3" json:"id,omitempty"`
    Code                 int32    `protobuf:"varint,2,opt,name=code,proto3" json:"code,omitempty"`
    Detail               string   `protobuf:"bytes,3,opt,name=detail,proto3" json:"detail,omitempty"`
    Status               string   `protobuf:"bytes,4,opt,name=status,proto3" json:"status,omitempty"`
    XXX_NoUnkeyedLiteral struct{} `json:"-"`
    XXX_unrecognized     []byte   `json:"-"`
    XXX_sizecache        int32    `json:"-"`

func FromError Uses

func FromError(err error) *Error

FromError try to convert go error to *Error

func Parse Uses

func Parse(err string) *Error

Parse tries to parse a JSON string into an error. If that fails, it will set the given string as the error detail.

func (*Error) Descriptor Uses

func (*Error) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

func (*Error) Error Uses

func (e *Error) Error() string

func (*Error) GetCode Uses

func (m *Error) GetCode() int32

func (*Error) GetDetail Uses

func (m *Error) GetDetail() string

func (*Error) GetId Uses

func (m *Error) GetId() string

func (*Error) GetStatus Uses

func (m *Error) GetStatus() string

func (*Error) ProtoMessage Uses

func (*Error) ProtoMessage()

func (*Error) Reset Uses

func (m *Error) Reset()

func (*Error) String Uses

func (m *Error) String() string

func (*Error) XXX_DiscardUnknown Uses

func (m *Error) XXX_DiscardUnknown()

func (*Error) XXX_Marshal Uses

func (m *Error) XXX_Marshal(b []byte, deterministic bool) ([]byte, error)

func (*Error) XXX_Merge Uses

func (m *Error) XXX_Merge(src proto.Message)

func (*Error) XXX_Size Uses

func (m *Error) XXX_Size() int

func (*Error) XXX_Unmarshal Uses

func (m *Error) XXX_Unmarshal(b []byte) error

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