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package process

import "github.com/micro/go-micro/runtime/local/process"

Package process executes a binary


Package Files

options.go process.go

type Binary Uses

type Binary struct {
    // Package containing executable
    Package *build.Package
    // The env variables
    Env []string
    // Args to pass
    Args []string
    // Initial working directory
    Dir string

type Option Uses

type Option func(o *Options)

type Options Uses

type Options struct{}

type PID Uses

type PID struct {
    // ID of the process
    ID  string
    // Stdin
    Input io.Writer
    // Stdout
    Output io.Reader
    // Stderr
    Error io.Reader

PID is the running process

type Process Uses

type Process interface {
    // Executes a process to completion
    Exec(*Binary) error
    // Creates a new process
    Fork(*Binary) (*PID, error)
    // Kills the process
    Kill(*PID) error
    // Waits for a process to exit
    Wait(*PID) error

Process manages a running process


osPackage os runs processes locally

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