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package wrapper

import "github.com/micro/go-micro/util/wrapper"


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var (
    HeaderPrefix = "Micro-"
    BearerSchema = "Bearer "

func AuthHandler Uses

func AuthHandler(fn func() auth.Auth) server.HandlerWrapper

AuthHandler wraps a server handler to perform auth

func FromService Uses

func FromService(name string, c client.Client) client.Client

FromService wraps a client to inject From-Service header into metadata

func HandlerStats Uses

func HandlerStats(stats stats.Stats) server.HandlerWrapper

HandlerStats wraps a server handler to generate request/error stats

func TraceCall Uses

func TraceCall(name string, t trace.Tracer, c client.Client) client.Client

TraceCall is a call tracing wrapper

func TraceHandler Uses

func TraceHandler(t trace.Tracer) server.HandlerWrapper

TraceHandler wraps a server handler to perform tracing

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