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package sse

import ""


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type ApplySSEByDefault Uses

type ApplySSEByDefault struct {
    KmsMasterKeyID string `xml:"KMSMasterKeyID,omitempty"`
    SSEAlgorithm   string `xml:"SSEAlgorithm"`

ApplySSEByDefault defines default encryption configuration, KMS or SSE. To activate KMS, SSEAlgoritm needs to be set to "aws:kms" Minio currently does not support Kms.

type Configuration Uses

type Configuration struct {
    XMLName xml.Name `xml:"ServerSideEncryptionConfiguration"`
    Rules   []Rule   `xml:"Rule"`

Configuration is the default encryption configuration structure

func NewConfigurationSSEKMS Uses

func NewConfigurationSSEKMS(kmsMasterKey string) *Configuration

NewConfigurationSSEKMS initializes a new SSE-KMS configuration

func NewConfigurationSSES3 Uses

func NewConfigurationSSES3() *Configuration

NewConfigurationSSES3 initializes a new SSE-S3 configuration

type Rule Uses

type Rule struct {
    Apply ApplySSEByDefault `xml:"ApplyServerSideEncryptionByDefault"`

Rule layer encapsulates default encryption configuration

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