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package qiniu

import ""


Package Files



var (
    Uptoken       = ""
    DownloadToken = ""
    Bucket        = ""
    EndPoint      = ""

type Qiniu Uses

type Qiniu struct {

Qiniu a struct used to upload files to Qiniu

func (Qiniu) GetURLTemplate Uses

func (q Qiniu) GetURLTemplate(option *media_library.Option) (path string)

GetURLTemplate get url template

func (Qiniu) Retrieve Uses

func (q Qiniu) Retrieve(url string) (file *os.File, err error)

Retrieve retrieve file content with url

func (Qiniu) Store Uses

func (q Qiniu) Store(url string, option *media_library.Option, reader io.Reader) (err error)

Store store reader's content with url

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