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package seo

import ""


Package Files

microdata.go seo.go templates.go

type MicroContact Uses

type MicroContact struct {
    URL         string
    Telephone   string
    ContactType string

MicroContact micro search definition, ref:

func (MicroContact) Render Uses

func (contact MicroContact) Render() template.HTML

Render render micro contact structured data

type MicroProduct Uses

type MicroProduct struct {
    Name            string
    Image           string
    Description     string
    BrandName       string
    SKU             string
    RatingValue     float32
    ReviewCount     int
    PriceCurrency   string
    Price           float64
    PriceValidUntil string
    SellerName      string

MicroProduct micro product definition, ref:

func (MicroProduct) Render Uses

func (product MicroProduct) Render() template.HTML

Render render micro product structured data

type MicroSearch Uses

type MicroSearch struct {
    URL        string
    Target     string
    QueryInput string

MicroSearch micro search definition, ref: e.g.


func (MicroSearch) FormattedQueryInput Uses

func (search MicroSearch) FormattedQueryInput() string

FormattedQueryInput format query input

func (MicroSearch) Render Uses

func (search MicroSearch) Render() template.HTML

Render render micro search structured data

type Setting Uses

type Setting struct {
    Title       string
    Description string
    Keywords    string
    Tags        string
    TagsArray   []string `json:"-"`

Setting could be used to field type for SEO Settings

func (Setting) ConfigureQorMetaBeforeInitialize Uses

func (Setting) ConfigureQorMetaBeforeInitialize(meta resource.Metaor)

ConfigureQorMetaBeforeInitialize configure SEO setting for qor admin

func (Setting) GetSetting Uses

func (setting Setting) GetSetting() Setting

GetSetting return itself to match interface

func (Setting) Render Uses

func (setting Setting) Render(seoSetting interface{}, obj ...interface{}) template.HTML

Render render SEO Setting

func (*Setting) Scan Uses

func (setting *Setting) Scan(value interface{}) error

Scan scan value from database into struct

func (Setting) Value Uses

func (setting Setting) Value() (driver.Value, error)

Value get value from struct, and save into database

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